“You May Experience Some Rough Air”


When the flight attendant said that on my flight back to Florida, I was thinking that “rough air” doesn’t just happen in the sky. It happens in your everyday work, too.Luckily though, when flying, the rough air typically smooths out and you then have more comfortable cruising. That’s the way it is at work, too, right?I’m sure that when rough air is occurring the pilots are watching things a little closer to prevent unexpected problems to creep from creeping up on them. That’s what we should do in our work, too, right? There is much to learn during the “rough air” times.I noticed that the “rough air” didn’t seem to bother some passengers. They may be the ones who are experienced fliers. They’ve been through it before.Some, however, are like the person next to me on my last flight. This was the first time she flew and she was definitely freaked out by the turbulence...I mean... “rough air”.Perhaps they changed the term “turbulence” to “rough air” because it made some people a little too freaked out.


Write down the answers to these questions…

  1. What are the potential areas of “rough air” in our organization?
  2. How about our individual departments?
  3. Are there things that individuals are doing that create “rough air”?
  4. Take each items listed and come up with a potential solution
  5. Think about how you could be more proactive than reactive to situations.

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